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BBC120F Drifter is a Pneumatic Rock Drill intended for use on drill rigs in the following areas
Underground Mining - Long Hole Drilling
Surface Quarrying - Bench Drilling
Construction - Grout Hole Drilling
Metallurgical Industry - Tap Hole Drilling in Blast Furnace
A popular all-round machine, the BBC120F Drifter has earned a reputation of economy and reliability. The powerful BBC120F Drifter has a moderate weight and this facilitates manual handling of the unit which can be mounted on simple and light rigging structures.

Assembled from components in a sectional system. The complete assembly can be easily dismantled for service and inspection of internal parts. All wear parts are easy to replace. Regular inspection will hold operating costs to minimum.

Intended for operation with remote control, the rotation is reversible, a necessary feature for use with extension steel in long-hole drilling. The rotation mechanism can also be disengaged and the impact action used to rattle a tight joint or a jammed joint.
Technical Data
Hole Dia 48mm-89mm
Weight 69 Kg
Length 780 mm
Piston Dia 120 mm
Stroke 65 mm
Impact Rate (at 6 bar) 2100 impacts/min
Rotation Speed 180 RPM
Air Consumption (at 6 bar) 167 l/s (353 cfm)
Flushing Water-58 l/min
Air-45 l/min
Hose Connections
Impact Mechanism 38 mm (1-1/2")
Rotation 10 mm (3/8")
Flushing Water 19 mm (3/4")