• Air Leg Rock DrillThis medium heavy duty & air flushed machine is capable of drilling 27 to 40 mm diameter holes with 22 mm hexagonal drill steels upto a depth of 6 meters.
  • Chipping Hammers The compact and slim design of our Chipping Hammers makes it highly suitable for digging, chipping, making channels and holes in concrete or any horizontal and upright application.
  • Paving BreakersIMT offers high productive, reliable and versatile pneumatic breakers suitable from light chipping to tough demolition medium jobs. We have the right breaker at hand with the most powerful in its class.
  • responsive sliderRivet Buster Chipping Hammers are smaller lightweight tools mostly used for concrete removal and demolition but can be used in various other applications
  • Rock Drill - Medium WeightOur heavy duty, hard hitting Rock drills feature high blow rate and torque resulting in rapid drilling even in the hardest rock.
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Pusher Legs

Pusher legs manufactured by IMT are used for drifting and tunneling. The sturdy and simple design allows drilling without interruption. It is easy to handle and carry and very popular due to low maintenance costs.
Pusher Legs
  • Push button valve for momentary air pressure release
  • Air hose connection
  • Honed steel feed cylinder
  • Operating knob for fine adjustment of feed pressure
  • Forged carrying handle
  • Steel pin and two-pronged fork support
Connection to the Rock Drill

Type IMT62PL pusher legs are intended for Rock drill IMT104W. A steel forged attachment device holds the drill at a suitable angle. The feed is connected to the machine by the attachment mounted on the side bolts.

Technical Data
Type Weight (kgs) Length (mm) Feed Length
Piston Dia (mm) Air Hose
For Rock Drill Type
IMT 62PL 21.8 1825 1300 53 12.7 IMT104W
IMT 55PL 18.0 1395 900 53 12.7 IMT104W
 Note: Due to constant modification, the weight and specifications of equipment may vary.